About Us


Martplux group is a well known and trusted name in India.

It was established by Ankit Kumar Gupta in the year 2016. Due to his dedication, hard work and honesty, Within the span of 4 years, Martplux group is doing great in India as well as 8 other countries including Russia, Dubai, Bangkok etc.

Other than contractor of Construction sites projects, Martplux group also deal with FMCG products, medical and in Sports field.
Martplux group is working directly in countries like Dubai and Kazakhstan and indirectly in several other countries.

Our creativity is driven by depth study in an effort to give you the best result. It has established ties with some of the major countries of the world and has executed many important projects successfully.

Indeed, the company that started small has definitely done itself proud.

Quality, Reliability and Performance represents our moral: "Your requirement, our commitment."

Board of Members

Ankit Kumar Gupta is a self made business who at the very small age of 17 left his home for Delhi to achieve something.

He at the age of 20 started his first company named Acquaint Associates. In 2010, he expanded his business and started Acquaint Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi and in 2016 started another company named Martplux Group in Meerut. Due to his hard work and dedication, he is able to set up his business not only in India but also in several other countries.

He has deep business acumen and zeal to find ways in odd times. He loves the fact that every day brings new and bigger challenges. Being very methodical, practical, responsible and down to earth individual, he has set an example through team work. He is open for any direct communication 24×7 and enjoys working with people.

He is ready to provide guidance, assurance and on-time services to partners and customers.